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hey everybody! back to school season is here, and it's almost time for me to return to school and i bet some of you already started. during the school year, i tend to be extremely busy and am usually very inactive during the year. i am going to try my best to keep my queue as filled as possible, but i hope that you guys can understand my schedule because i'm sure i'm not the only one. ily all, you've all been such amazing followers, and this isn't a goodbye because i will try my best to keep up with my queue like i said, but this is just a fair warning in the meantime! hope you all have a fab school year and if you need anything, my ask is always open! xoxo

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this is the part
when i break free


Been obsessed with my nails! I just love deep reds in the fall, and going into fall! This was a gel polish so I’m not sure of the name :( Prepare for more nail pictures lol

So excited for fall 😍

the fuck outta here


yummy fries c;

my pic on my dash yaaaaay

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love it
-rose: If you don't make having a big phone, go with the iphone6. If you want a comfortable yet cutest phone, go with the 5s. I've been told that the 6 might be bigger, but it's way faster. so it's completely your choice. :)

i’m leaning towards the 6 but i’m also a bit bugged about the size and the on/off button being on the side. but other than that yeah totally. thanks so much! 

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guys help

should i get the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S?

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